Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finally, Clothes for Mom!

Most of the time when I go shopping it's to buy clothes for my little man.  Not this time!  Thanks to Old Navy and Crowdtap, I was able to go on a shopping spree with my favorite girl friends yesterday!

I invited three of my favorite mom friends to my Old Navy Cardi Party, knowing that most of their spending money goes to their kids clothes as well.  We met up for pre-shopping cocktails to catch up and discuss what styles we were hoping to find in the store.  I mentioned how my phone did not support Old Navy's new Snap Appy ap, so my friend Brynn downloaded it onto her iPhone so we could play around with it while in the store.  I was also able to share with them my favorite outfits under one of my Pinterest style boards.

After our drinks were finished it was time to hit the store!  We had a blast just grabbing handfuls of clothes and taking them to try on.  Once in the fitting rooms we challenged each other to put together some creative outfits.

I had three looks that I wanted to try out:  the weekend fun look, the game day look, and the professional look.  Each look consisted of a cardigan, scarf, camisole and either skirt or skinny pant.

Weekend Fun:

Game Day Look:

Professional Look:

I decided to go with the professional look so I have something to wear when I meet with clients.  The red cardigan was cozy and warm (something that I'll need as we head into fall in Washington).  The brown corduroy pencil skirt fit nicely on my body shape, however it may not be a pick for some body shapes (I wish Old Navy offered another option for skirt this fall that was not a pencil one).  The red wedge shoes and the wrap scarf completed the outfit nicely.  I am definitely going back soon to grab the skinny jeans and blue polka dot camisole to complete the weekend look as well!  While I'm there I may have to splurge for the game day option as well, as I can't seem to get those yellow flats out of my mind!

Thank you Old Navy and Crowdtap for a fantastic day out with my favorite girls!

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